2012 Goals

2012 Goals
Almost like New Year Resolutions, but more of them, and smaller goals. Generally.

1. Attempt to drink 1 litre of water every day.

 2. Finish the pile of books waiting to be read asap.

3. Read at least one book every month. Uni is not a good excuse for failure. At least with so many books on my Kindle now, storage space at uni isn't a problem.

4. Find a flat (and a 3rd, and possibly 4th, flatmate) for next year.

5.Watch all of Pretty Little Liars.

 6. Stress less.

7. Improve posture. As I say every year...

8. Find singing lessons in Edinburgh.

9. Start singing Diploma.

10. Go to London with the boyfriend.

11. Get a 1st for 1st year. I will settle for a 2.1. Or frankly, just a pass. 1st year doesn't count after all.

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