(That's Irn Bru, not beer, because beer is the drink of the devil. Yuk. And, alas, a hotel, not my living room.)

Shannon \ sha-nuhn noun ;

1. tea and biscuits loving, lingerie and heels enthusiast with a tendency to romanticise and stress

2. 18 year old future cat lady

I'll try and keep this short, but no promises, seeing as I have a tendency to ramble, and I'm no good at talking about myself. 

If you ignored the sidebar, I'm Shannon, I'm 18, and I'm an Edinburgh fresher. Dear god, I feel old and grown-up. I'm currently fending for myself, with no-one to cook, clean, or do my washing. What the hell have I signed up for?

So, here be tales of university, life, love, friends and general epicness that goes on around me. It's a coincidence, I promise. There will be books, as long as uni doesn't jump on me with a ridiculous workload and prevent me from reading, which I highly doubt, as well as some music and tv. Mainly because my flat has a tv now. Oh yes... Believe me, my quality of life soared once I realised I could now do uni work in front of Jeremy Kyle and Neighbours of an afternoon. Ahem. 

I love comments almost as much as cupcakes. And that is a whole, whole lot. So yes, that means I woul love it if you gave me some. I may even give cupcakes in return, but I warn you now, it's a slim chance.

Also, you should totally find me on twitter @dressanddance

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