Sunday, 15 April 2012

Heigh ho, heigh ho

It's off to work we go! I'd say I have a job, but that's basically a lie - what I have is a week volunteering my help in filing and tea-making, but it's close right? I'll feel kinda like a proper grown up anyway, living in my flat, working 9-5, wearing lovely fashionable business attire...

That last bit is what I'm babbling about today, because I've come to the conclusion that, much as I adore my clothes, they're not generally law firm appropriate. Well, some of my vast collection of dresses might be, but I don't want to push it on my first day! So it's off to buy blazers and things we go!

Here's a couple of things on my 'I'm a serious corporate lawyer (lol, jk I'm an 18, sorry, 19 year old who likes pretty clothes)' wishlist.

Black Zip Trousers
£19.99 - Sadly, out of stock, but I want something similar. I tried  couple of pairs like this on way back in February when my parents came to visit, but none of them looked great, so I live in hope for the perfect pair.

H&M Pink Blazer
£14.99 - What can I say, I just want one. I have a gorgeous black Zara dress that's actually work appropriate, and this would just liven it up  with a bit of a kick. And I could wear it over the summer too and, well, it's just rather lovely.

H&M Sand Jacket
£29.99 - Okay, more expensive, but it's a bit of a classic. And I'm so excited about teaming it with such a simple outfit, like the one in the image, if the weather ever gets that good.

 Blue Palm Print Dress
£35 - I just love it. These dresses are my thing. I couldn't love them more if I tried. I can but pray it won't be typically too short to wear in a more formal environment. Alas, it probably will be.

So that's a little snippet of the sort of things I'll hopefully be picking up in the next few weeks. A bit excessive for a single week? Probably, but then, I can wear them all again... right... XD

What would you wear for a week as a corporate lawyer? Do you have any fabulous suggestions for my wardrobe (please do!). Tell me all!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pinch, punch...

...first of the month, and all that :p

I accept that, as usual, I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. (Why does this always happen!) But, first of the month, a pretty layout overhaul and a lot of sunshine has inspired me to start over. Well, at least come back, I won't be doing anything so drastic as deleting all my old posts or anything this time. That would be incredibly over-dramatic, and anyone who knows me knows I'm anything but over-dramatic. Pause for gales of laughter by anyone who does actually know me. Ahem.

You'll all, I'm sure, be pleased to know that I've finished all my end of year essays, way in advance, so I'm currently sat around, waiting to go home on Thursday, filling my time with trashy tv, shopping and generally relaxing. I might try this productivity thing more often, the free, unstressed, time it gives you is fantastic :p

I've also got my eye on a camera tripod, which will hopefully lead to more lovely things like outfit posts, which I've also wanted to do, but never managed before. I have major respect for all these people who manage o take decent ones in a mirror or with their iphone. Suffice to say, I cannot, and all attempts have been consigned to the untouchable graveyard of immediately deleted photos. But soon! Hopefully. Especially as I've been buying lots of new clothes lately, and do feel like people should share my excitement about this!

So yes, expect to see more musings on my life over the coming months. I'm hoping to do a lot baking (read: revision procrastination) over the Easter holidays, so the 'lifestyle' parts of the blog may become a bit of a 'Look! Cakes! More cakes!' overload, which will be terribly fun, but hopefully not as fun as actually making and eating them. I do apologise to anyone on a diet.

And, because I like pretty pictures, but can't take them myself (yet!), I'll just leave you with a pretty picture of some daffodils, to celebrate Spring.

Friday, 2 March 2012

I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds...

So, yesterday I bought a flat, and. in celebration (considering it was already a day of spending a lot of money) a dress too! I went off shopping post flat-buying with one of the girls I'll be living with, and we popped into the new New Look that's just opened on Princes St. Oh my goodness. Big mistake. I was being awfully good, and hadn't even picked anything up-, but while I was waiting for Laura to try two things on (which she never even bought in the end!) I had to hover near this beauty. Needless to say when she emerged, I went straight in to try it on...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Feel-good Friday

Yet again, I missed last week's post. Just trying to keep you on your toes you see! Or, you know, being generally forgetful. I was at a friend's birthday party, so I suppose I was having a very feel-good Friday and just never told you guys.

So, this week I may have to dredge up the little things, as nothing massively amazing is happening, as far as I'm aware, and, frankly, I'm feeling a bit down for no apparent reason (read: PMS-y) tonight; but I started this to help me look for the little things that are good each week, not the big things, so this'll probably be good for me!

Choosing happiness is exactly what I'm trying to do :)

1. Cumin makes everything better, as I discovered on making some fantastic rice and sausage concoction the evening my boyfriend went home the other week. So I'm thinking I'm going to hunker down on the sofa for a bit this evening with a similar dinner and watch some trashy tv and smile.

2. I have done a little bit of work! Which is better than nothing :)

3. Although it was a bit strange letting my parents go home again, I had a fabulous time with them, and got to do loads of great stuff which I probably wouldn't have done otherwise, like go to the zoo and see the pandas. Yes, it's a bit sad that they're gone again (or at least it is when I feel like this!) but it makes me realise how lucky I am to have amazing parents, and parents that I get on with so well.

4. Also, I'll be popping home for the weekend, for my dad's birthday in 2 weeks time, so really, I can't complain!

5. Had a great night with some great friends last night, and two of them I'll be living with next year so everything seems rosy on that front. We've also organised that the evening we had become a regular weekly or bi-weekly thing, which is fantastic.

6. I had some tea and biscuits, and Married, Single, Other, a programme that was a favourite of mine a couple of years ago was on STV, so I had a nice relaxing hour, which has chilled me out quite a bit. Luckily it wasn't one of the overly sad episodes!

7. Had a quick meeting with a photographer about a possible shoot, and he was a nice guy, we've sorted something, and hopefully that will go well. If it doesn't, I've not lost anything excpet some of my time really. He seemed alright, and the whole thing is TFP outdoors and looks fab, so I'm hoping all goes well.

8. It's my flatmate's birthday today, and the people she's currently working for on placement sent her home when they found out. Bless them. And there's a little party tomorrow which should be fun, and snap me out of whatever's left of this steadily departing funk.

9. It was a beautiful day today - one of those that makes you glad you live somewhere. Or just glad you live to be honest. Deceptively windy and cold, but beautiful

10. I have show choir tomorrow. Can't beat that.

So now, I'm going to choose to be happy, slap even more of a smile on my face, then go to bed. Yay.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Soap and Glory

Hurray, another post on my newly fixed laptop! *small cheer* And I'm going to chat on about something you probably all know quite a lot more than me about - Soap and Glory. I made my first Soap and Glory buys a while ago now, on an ill fated shopping trip early on in my uni life, before I realised I had a budget. It was nice while it lasted! I've always really fancied buying Soap and Glory products, because I hear so many nice reviews about the smell - I'm a sucker for nice smelling things - and also because the packaging is just so pretty! I know it's terrible to buy things simply because the packaging is nice but oh I can't help it...

Luckily, I love them to bits!

The products were on 3 for 2 offer in Boots when I bought them, although sadly I'm not sure they still are. Obviously, 3 for 2 grabbed me, and I had to buy three, so I'm now the proud owner of 'Clean On Me' body wash, 'Flake Away' salt scrub, and 'Butter Yourself' body cream.

'Clean On Me' shower gel/body wash. Okay, first, I love the names of these things! And now that's out of the way, I can actually talk about the product. It smells amazing. No, really, it does. It's fruity and fresh, great to wake up with in morning, but also not too much of a kick, so I really enjoy using it on lovely girly pampering nights. I wasn't entirely convinced at first as to whether I liked it or not, but I think that's because I'd heard so many amazing things that anything was going to be disappointing straight away. Over the time I've been using it though it's grown on me so much, and now I can't stop smelling it. It really clings to you too, I find, unlike some body washes which you can't smell the minute you rinse them off, which is a massive bonus.

'Flake Away' salt scrub - This stuff also smells amazing. It's much sweeter than the body wash, I think, but there's also a sort of fruity tang to it. I can't really describe smells, so I'll just leave it at great :p I have really quite sensitive skin, so I always worry about scrubs like this, in case the grains irritate my legs, but this hasn't so far. It feels lovely as an exfoliating scrub, and although I'm not sure it's a miracle worker in terms of making my legs baby smooth, I would definitely buy it again. It also lasts forever, it looks like I've barely made a dent in the surface so far!

'Butter Yourself' body cream - Sadly, I'm not as much of a fan of the smell of this one. I think it smells more chemical and medicinal than the others - there's an odd tinge to it - but, that said, it does still smell nice. Just not fantastic. That's balanced out for me though by the fact that I may be in love with it. It has a very thick, creamy consistency, but it soaks into my skin quickly, and doesn't leave my legs feeling greasy or oily, so I can't really complain. I just wish it had the smell of 'Clean On Me'!

That's all for now folks, but I'll be much less busy this week so hopefully some more posts will be coming your way!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It would appear I was mistaken...

I took basically no photos over this entire weekend. Not of outfits, not of us being ridiculous and tourist-y, not of anything. I didn't even have time to paint my nails on Saturday. So much fail. But, to be honest, I don't really care, because despite the fact that we didn't do everything I'd thought of, and we, as usual, decided to ignore half our plans and do something different, I had the most fabulous weekend. So I thought I'd ramble about that instead. With very few pictures.

"So what did you do with your weekend? Feed a giraffe? No, I thought not!" 

Over the course of this weekend, I have acquired an adorable card and present, been shopping, eaten lots of cake, been out for lunch and dinner, been to the theatre, sung along to the Welsh National Anthem in a Scottish pub when the rugby was starting, swiftly vacated said pub (the two incidents were not completely connected), been to the museum, had intelligent conversations, introduced the boy to my choir, drunk a fair bit of wine, plus an awesome cocktail if I do say so myself, watched two soppy films, and talked a lot. All in all, amazing.

On Monday, shortly after the boy vacated the country, my laptop decided that it objected to his sudden absence and contracted some sort of virus. All my files are gone. I almost cried. In fact, that is a lie. I cried. I may even have rung my mum up, whilst crying, when she was supposed to be working, because of this incident. Luckily, my university is full of beautiful, beautiful people, and not only do they run free laptop clinics - where I shall be taking mine in an hour to see if they can rescue my files from the abyss, or possibly even fix it completely - they will also they lend you laptops. I mean, what? So I have a temporary laptop at least until tomorrow, and hopefully until my parents visit next week. Best case scenario, some fantasmagorical person fixes mine completely (I'm sure it's not actually that difficult, but I am so computer illiterate about stuff like this that it seems like an impossible task), and I search for a new one to buy in the Easter holidays. Otherwise, they hopefully recover my stuff (luckily most of it is backed up, but the newest stuff isn't. Learn from my mistakes. BACK UP EVERYTHING. ALWAYS.) and I continue to use this one, hopefully until Monday, when my parents will take me shopping for a new one. Either way, come next week I will have a working laptop of my own, one way or another, so all is not completely lost. Not having Skype is a bit gutting, but ah well.

So hopefully more posts then. Fingers crossed. 27 millionth time lucky? :p

Friday, 10 February 2012

Feel-good Friday

So, I missed last week's post due to general business, but I think that's enough of a feel-good in itself - I was having so much fun I forgot to make the post! I do still have a lot of exciting things to be happy about though, so back to it. I might incorporate some things from last week as well, just cos.

1. Tomorrow morning my boyfriend arrives for a weekend in Edinburgh! This is making me possibly too excited. I've bought food, and new clothes, and theatre tickets, and stuck a face mask on last night, and have generally used it as a jolly good excuse to treat myself. And I get to see him all weekend. I can't wait. At all. Bring on tomorrow!

2. Yep, yesterday I went on a fab shopping trip round Princes' St in between lectures, and came away with rather a few things, including a few I definitely didn't need. well, didn't set out to buy. I definitely need them :p I'll hopefully manage to take some decent pictures, and do a little haul post very soon, but suffice to say there's quite a lot of pink stuff. Also hoping to get an OOTD and NOTD post out of it, so I could be very busy next week. I only wish I had decent photography skills, but hopefully the boyfriend will be able to take some outfit pics for me tomorrow.

3. I've done all the work I need to do before Feb 28th, so I'm rather far ahead :p So happy about this - I can absolutely relax this weekend without any stress about translating.

4. I'm off to the theatre tomorrow, to see an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'Snow, Glass, Apples' which tells another side to the Snow White tale. It's supposed to be unsuitable for under-15s with 'dark, mature themes' so I'll possibly be hiding in the boyfriend's shoulder for some of it. Must remember to take sweets to calm me down. So looking forward to it though, and it'll be so lovely to have a proper night out with the boy. There's a possibility one of my friends might be going with her boyfriend too, which would be nice.

5. Last Friday I went to a fabulous (late) Burns' Night celebration. It was my first experience of a traditional Scottish Burns' Night and worried as I was (mostly about the haggis!) the whole experience was amazing. I got to chat to a lot more people at the CSU, do some more ceilidhing, which is always good, and I actually loved the haggis, neeps and tatties. I could pass for a true Scot yet!

6. This afternoon I spent an hour going round estate agents with Jonny, one of the friends I'll be living with next year, and applying to view flats. We've got our first viewing on Monday, and the one I desperately want (although we haven't actually viewed it yet...) isn't yet under offer, so I'm hoping. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!!

7. I finally remembered to blog today! That's got to be good!

8. As usual we had our little hot chocolate session after Latin this morning. This never ceases to make my list of awesome things. I don't know how the library hot chocolate manages to be so good, but I'm pretty sure it's witchcraft. And it's always nice to have an hour set aside to just sit and chat with people. Bliss.

9. I'm going to spend Valentine's Day with some good friends who are all single or in long-distance relationships. There will be pizza and films and joy. And then a trip to a bar :p No couples allowed. Sounds great to me.

10. Okay, so kinda cheating, but really, my boyfriend arrives tomorrow morning! That's a good two and half days spent with someone I love to pieces, who I haven't seen in over a month. It's got to be good enough to make the list twice!

10a. Okay, a real 10? Tonight I'm going to go to bed early with a Woo-Woo and read Glamour. Life is good.

10b. And I have tickets booked for the Lion King at Christmas! So excited to see that. I saw it in London when I was about 7, and I don't really remember it, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it again.

Anyway, now I'm off to the gym, so I can do my tutorial work and then spend the evening watching trashy tv, trying on clothes and tidying my room in an overexcited state. Argh! :D