Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cupcakes and breakdowns

This was supposed to be a happy, shiny post about the cupcakes that I made with the cupcake maker my wonderful nan bought me for Christmas (because much as I can bake properly, my oven at university did goodness knows what to my last cake, and although edible, it wasn't altogether beautiful, so this will save both time and my sanity when in Edinburgh.) However. life conspired against me.

First, what happens when I go to university but the self-raising flour getting all weevil-y and icky? Not a good start. I will actually cry if, when I get back to Scotland, the flour in my cupboard is weevil-y. I did manage to get over myself, and find the plain flour and baking powder to attempt to rectify the situation, and was thoroughly happy again. Or close enough anyway. I had my snazzy new apron on and Disney/Evita playing loudly to sing along to, so all was looking well on the cupcake front.

I got 100g into measuring the caster sugar and realised there was a spider on the bag. And I freaked.

You know how people say they're arachnophobic, and they mean they don't like those things? I am not one of those people. I cannot even say the word. It took serious shivering to write it up there so that you all actually have an idea what I'm talking about. My boyfriend was the one who started calling them 'flabbits' because it 'sounded nicer' and now even my parents do it. They even bought me a bottle of repellent for Christmas so that I can ward them off at uni, and they stuck stickers, on which they'd written 'Flabbit,' over where it should have given the real name. It sounds stupid, but it honestly helps massively.

I am pretty certain this one was long dead (and barely the size of a fingernail) but still, I screamed, ran, and had a minor panic attack. It was not at all pretty. I just about managed to get the milk back in the fridge so I didn't ruin it, but the other accoutrements of my baking fiasco are still littering the kitchen, waiting for my mother to return from work and help me out. Because until then, I cannot go in my kitchen. Great.

So I am cupcake-less, still. Hopefully tonight will involve a clean out of the baking cupboard and the buying of some more flour so that tomorrow will be infinitely better on the cupcake front. I live in hope.

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