Friday, 20 January 2012

Feel-good Friday

I've been wanting to do one of these posts for a while - I've seen them around, and I always love reading them, so here we are.

I'm pretty bad for being too hard on myself - I'm one of those people who's prone to ridiculous freak-outs about little things I think are wrong, and think everything's going to be a disaster if I'm not sure of something. Oops. But since coming back to uni last week, I've been better than I thought I would be about letting things go sometimes, so I thought I'd keep up the happy thoughts with a little post of things that are making me smile this week. I was originally going to do this on a Sunday, but I think I'll have more time on Fridays, so here goes. If I suddenly switch to Sundays, ah well, these things happen. I'm going to aim for ten things each week, which might be a bit steep, but we'll see! :)

1. I may not have done quite the amount of work I was planning on this week, but I've done enough - and the rest of my time was spent taking time off to read and watch tv :D

2. I've actually been to the gym every single day this week, since I got back to uni! Only for half an hour every day, but I'm so proud of myself. Now to keep it up for next week!

3. As a side-effect of going to the gym, I've been reading so much more recently. I finally put something other than lecture notes on my Kindle over Christmas, so I've been taking it to the gym and reading away while I exercise, with the result that I've read at least 4 books in as many days. I can see this Kindle is going to serve me very very well at uni. And it makes exercise seem much easier.

4. Today I booked my train ticket home for my Dad's birthday in March, and got upgraded to first class for the entire journey. For less than £20!

5. As of tomorrow, it will only be three weeks until the boy's Valentine's weekend trip up to see me :D

6. Speaking thereof, I went shopping yesterday (in the 10 minutes in which there decided to be a freak snowstorm, grr) and got the little present I wanted. Nothing impressive, just a little silly bit, and I still have to get a card, but it makes me smile to know I've at least got something.

7. I finished Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars today. Can't wait to start on season 2!

8. It's my friend's 19th birthday do tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it a ridiculous amount. I'm not a massive clubbing/going out person, but I've had some of my best nights in Edinburgh with her, so it promises to be a good one.

9. I had the full day off today. 3 day weekend. Oh yeah... Okay, this is the only time it'll ever happen, but still. Besides, due to a weird tweak in our timetable this year, I've only got half the amount of Friday Latin this semester than I did last semester, which means every other week I have pretty much the whole day off (one tutorial at 12 definitely doesn't count!)

10. I made a bleedin' good stir fry for dinner, and topped it off with ginger sponge and custard, watching Don't Tell The Bride, before I head off in 2 minutes to a 'Back to Uni' house party. Life is definitely good

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    Happy weekend xoxo