Friday, 27 January 2012

Feel-good Friday

Oops at my total lack of posting since last Friday. Ah well, if I remember this every week, at least that's one a week right? Always look on the bright side :p With that in mind, here goes  this weeks good stuff...

1. I got the most fabulous early night (kind of) last night. I was in bed just after nine, tucked up with a copy of Cosmo, and hopefully beating this cold off. Yay. And the boyfriend didn't text me past 10 (okay, apart from once at nearly 11...) because he knew I was going to sleep, so he wouldn't wake me, bless him, even though usually when he goes out on a Thursday I get at least one text at around 1am.

2. I've, yet again, kept on top of the work I wanted to do this week, so I'm still on track! My friends and I do like to bitch about how we want to swap to Ancient History so we don't have to do all this work but it's not so bad really.

3. Especially when you're doing Ovid! 50 lines of Ovid (in about an hour!) was a big achievement today, and it made me realise that I actually really love his writing. Yay.

4. Next weekend one of my best friends is popping in on her way back to St Andrews so we can go shopping and hot chocolate/cocktail drinking and gossiping. I genuinely cannot wait.

5. The weekend after that my boyfriend will be here! :D We're both ridiculously excited for this, planning what to do and where to go. Well, okay, I'm trying to plan, and he doesn't care what we do because he's just so happy to be coming, but still. Eek. There will be eating out and drinking decent wine in the flat and just talking properly. It feels like both next to no time and forever since we were last together, and I can't wait. At all.

6. The week after that (I know, my February is getting busy!) my parents are coming up for a few days and we've booked tickets to go and see the pandas at the zoo! I'm really hoping they're out, because if they're inside you can't see them, and I will be gutted if that's the case.

7. My boyfriend's mum sent me a little parcel on Monday with some slippers and photographs from over Christmas in it, which are all now stuck on my wall. Well, not the slippers.

8. I've acquired £50 of Pizza Express vouchers from the boyfriend, because they have to be used by the end of Jan, and there isn't a Pizza Express in Huddersfield (what is this madness!?) so I'm going for Sunday lunch with friends which will be great!

9. Even though I have a silly cold I've not been too bad, and hopefully I'll be able to shake it off very soon. And I've still been to the gym, just for less time than usual. Very proud of myself :)

10. Last but not least, tv has been good this week. I've basically been holed up at home working/being ill, and I've  watched a good amount of Don't Tell the Bride and Pretty Little Liars :p Also, Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents is back on Wednesdays! I was so excited about that it was a little embarrassing. It's so terrible, but I love it so much. And thankfully, it just serves to make me feel lucky for having the parents I do :p

Hope you've all had a good week too, and your next is as good, if not better :D

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