Friday, 10 February 2012

Feel-good Friday

So, I missed last week's post due to general business, but I think that's enough of a feel-good in itself - I was having so much fun I forgot to make the post! I do still have a lot of exciting things to be happy about though, so back to it. I might incorporate some things from last week as well, just cos.

1. Tomorrow morning my boyfriend arrives for a weekend in Edinburgh! This is making me possibly too excited. I've bought food, and new clothes, and theatre tickets, and stuck a face mask on last night, and have generally used it as a jolly good excuse to treat myself. And I get to see him all weekend. I can't wait. At all. Bring on tomorrow!

2. Yep, yesterday I went on a fab shopping trip round Princes' St in between lectures, and came away with rather a few things, including a few I definitely didn't need. well, didn't set out to buy. I definitely need them :p I'll hopefully manage to take some decent pictures, and do a little haul post very soon, but suffice to say there's quite a lot of pink stuff. Also hoping to get an OOTD and NOTD post out of it, so I could be very busy next week. I only wish I had decent photography skills, but hopefully the boyfriend will be able to take some outfit pics for me tomorrow.

3. I've done all the work I need to do before Feb 28th, so I'm rather far ahead :p So happy about this - I can absolutely relax this weekend without any stress about translating.

4. I'm off to the theatre tomorrow, to see an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'Snow, Glass, Apples' which tells another side to the Snow White tale. It's supposed to be unsuitable for under-15s with 'dark, mature themes' so I'll possibly be hiding in the boyfriend's shoulder for some of it. Must remember to take sweets to calm me down. So looking forward to it though, and it'll be so lovely to have a proper night out with the boy. There's a possibility one of my friends might be going with her boyfriend too, which would be nice.

5. Last Friday I went to a fabulous (late) Burns' Night celebration. It was my first experience of a traditional Scottish Burns' Night and worried as I was (mostly about the haggis!) the whole experience was amazing. I got to chat to a lot more people at the CSU, do some more ceilidhing, which is always good, and I actually loved the haggis, neeps and tatties. I could pass for a true Scot yet!

6. This afternoon I spent an hour going round estate agents with Jonny, one of the friends I'll be living with next year, and applying to view flats. We've got our first viewing on Monday, and the one I desperately want (although we haven't actually viewed it yet...) isn't yet under offer, so I'm hoping. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for us!!

7. I finally remembered to blog today! That's got to be good!

8. As usual we had our little hot chocolate session after Latin this morning. This never ceases to make my list of awesome things. I don't know how the library hot chocolate manages to be so good, but I'm pretty sure it's witchcraft. And it's always nice to have an hour set aside to just sit and chat with people. Bliss.

9. I'm going to spend Valentine's Day with some good friends who are all single or in long-distance relationships. There will be pizza and films and joy. And then a trip to a bar :p No couples allowed. Sounds great to me.

10. Okay, so kinda cheating, but really, my boyfriend arrives tomorrow morning! That's a good two and half days spent with someone I love to pieces, who I haven't seen in over a month. It's got to be good enough to make the list twice!

10a. Okay, a real 10? Tonight I'm going to go to bed early with a Woo-Woo and read Glamour. Life is good.

10b. And I have tickets booked for the Lion King at Christmas! So excited to see that. I saw it in London when I was about 7, and I don't really remember it, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it again.

Anyway, now I'm off to the gym, so I can do my tutorial work and then spend the evening watching trashy tv, trying on clothes and tidying my room in an overexcited state. Argh! :D

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