Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It would appear I was mistaken...

I took basically no photos over this entire weekend. Not of outfits, not of us being ridiculous and tourist-y, not of anything. I didn't even have time to paint my nails on Saturday. So much fail. But, to be honest, I don't really care, because despite the fact that we didn't do everything I'd thought of, and we, as usual, decided to ignore half our plans and do something different, I had the most fabulous weekend. So I thought I'd ramble about that instead. With very few pictures.

"So what did you do with your weekend? Feed a giraffe? No, I thought not!" 

Over the course of this weekend, I have acquired an adorable card and present, been shopping, eaten lots of cake, been out for lunch and dinner, been to the theatre, sung along to the Welsh National Anthem in a Scottish pub when the rugby was starting, swiftly vacated said pub (the two incidents were not completely connected), been to the museum, had intelligent conversations, introduced the boy to my choir, drunk a fair bit of wine, plus an awesome cocktail if I do say so myself, watched two soppy films, and talked a lot. All in all, amazing.

On Monday, shortly after the boy vacated the country, my laptop decided that it objected to his sudden absence and contracted some sort of virus. All my files are gone. I almost cried. In fact, that is a lie. I cried. I may even have rung my mum up, whilst crying, when she was supposed to be working, because of this incident. Luckily, my university is full of beautiful, beautiful people, and not only do they run free laptop clinics - where I shall be taking mine in an hour to see if they can rescue my files from the abyss, or possibly even fix it completely - they will also they lend you laptops. I mean, what? So I have a temporary laptop at least until tomorrow, and hopefully until my parents visit next week. Best case scenario, some fantasmagorical person fixes mine completely (I'm sure it's not actually that difficult, but I am so computer illiterate about stuff like this that it seems like an impossible task), and I search for a new one to buy in the Easter holidays. Otherwise, they hopefully recover my stuff (luckily most of it is backed up, but the newest stuff isn't. Learn from my mistakes. BACK UP EVERYTHING. ALWAYS.) and I continue to use this one, hopefully until Monday, when my parents will take me shopping for a new one. Either way, come next week I will have a working laptop of my own, one way or another, so all is not completely lost. Not having Skype is a bit gutting, but ah well.

So hopefully more posts then. Fingers crossed. 27 millionth time lucky? :p

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