Sunday, 15 April 2012

Heigh ho, heigh ho

It's off to work we go! I'd say I have a job, but that's basically a lie - what I have is a week volunteering my help in filing and tea-making, but it's close right? I'll feel kinda like a proper grown up anyway, living in my flat, working 9-5, wearing lovely fashionable business attire...

That last bit is what I'm babbling about today, because I've come to the conclusion that, much as I adore my clothes, they're not generally law firm appropriate. Well, some of my vast collection of dresses might be, but I don't want to push it on my first day! So it's off to buy blazers and things we go!

Here's a couple of things on my 'I'm a serious corporate lawyer (lol, jk I'm an 18, sorry, 19 year old who likes pretty clothes)' wishlist.

Black Zip Trousers
£19.99 - Sadly, out of stock, but I want something similar. I tried  couple of pairs like this on way back in February when my parents came to visit, but none of them looked great, so I live in hope for the perfect pair.

H&M Pink Blazer
£14.99 - What can I say, I just want one. I have a gorgeous black Zara dress that's actually work appropriate, and this would just liven it up  with a bit of a kick. And I could wear it over the summer too and, well, it's just rather lovely.

H&M Sand Jacket
£29.99 - Okay, more expensive, but it's a bit of a classic. And I'm so excited about teaming it with such a simple outfit, like the one in the image, if the weather ever gets that good.

 Blue Palm Print Dress
£35 - I just love it. These dresses are my thing. I couldn't love them more if I tried. I can but pray it won't be typically too short to wear in a more formal environment. Alas, it probably will be.

So that's a little snippet of the sort of things I'll hopefully be picking up in the next few weeks. A bit excessive for a single week? Probably, but then, I can wear them all again... right... XD

What would you wear for a week as a corporate lawyer? Do you have any fabulous suggestions for my wardrobe (please do!). Tell me all!

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