Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pinch, punch...

...first of the month, and all that :p

I accept that, as usual, I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. (Why does this always happen!) But, first of the month, a pretty layout overhaul and a lot of sunshine has inspired me to start over. Well, at least come back, I won't be doing anything so drastic as deleting all my old posts or anything this time. That would be incredibly over-dramatic, and anyone who knows me knows I'm anything but over-dramatic. Pause for gales of laughter by anyone who does actually know me. Ahem.

You'll all, I'm sure, be pleased to know that I've finished all my end of year essays, way in advance, so I'm currently sat around, waiting to go home on Thursday, filling my time with trashy tv, shopping and generally relaxing. I might try this productivity thing more often, the free, unstressed, time it gives you is fantastic :p

I've also got my eye on a camera tripod, which will hopefully lead to more lovely things like outfit posts, which I've also wanted to do, but never managed before. I have major respect for all these people who manage o take decent ones in a mirror or with their iphone. Suffice to say, I cannot, and all attempts have been consigned to the untouchable graveyard of immediately deleted photos. But soon! Hopefully. Especially as I've been buying lots of new clothes lately, and do feel like people should share my excitement about this!

So yes, expect to see more musings on my life over the coming months. I'm hoping to do a lot baking (read: revision procrastination) over the Easter holidays, so the 'lifestyle' parts of the blog may become a bit of a 'Look! Cakes! More cakes!' overload, which will be terribly fun, but hopefully not as fun as actually making and eating them. I do apologise to anyone on a diet.

And, because I like pretty pictures, but can't take them myself (yet!), I'll just leave you with a pretty picture of some daffodils, to celebrate Spring.

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